February 1, 2024

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CentreCourt Elevates Two Key Leaders to Partnership Status

February 1st, 2024 – CentreCourt Developments Inc.

CentreCourt is pleased to announce two of the Company’s development leaders, Daniel Oliveira and Ian Veloso, have each been named Partner, VP Development, effective immediately.

As a leading developer in the Greater Toronto Area, CentreCourt stands out for its entrepreneurial approach, ability to identify ambitious, high-potential professionals and commitment to training them to become best-in-class industry experts. It has been part of the company’s DNA since inception to nurture a culture of meritocracy with a view to maximizing project success and corporate growth.

“We’re excited to welcome Dan and Ian as Partners – a testament to their merit, commitment and unwavering dedication,” said Andrew Hoffman, Founding Partner and Chief Executive Officer. “Their promotion not only enriches our leadership team, but also reaffirms our belief in fostering excellence by investing in leaders early on in their careers and focusing on continuous improvement.”

“We strive to bring people into the organization that are passionate about what they do and are proud of taking an uncompromising approach to the quality of their work.  Dan and Ian have exhibited a commitment to the core values and culture that have distinguished our company over the past 13 years and which will continue to underpin our long term success.” said Gavin Cheung, Managing Partner and President.

Daniel Oliveira and Ian Veloso join CentreCourt’s existing senior management team of 13 Partners, with responsibility for execution across Acquisitions, Development, Sales & Marketing, Construction, Finance and Accounting, to generate impacts beyond their particular area of expertise and produce industry-leading outcomes.

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