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Since its inception in 2010, CentreCourt has been the fastest growing and top performing residential developer in the GTA and was recognized by Canadian Business as one of Canada’s fastest-growing companies. Today, CentreCourt is one of the largest high-rise developers in Canada with 19 high-rise residential projects (completed and in construction), collectively representing over 10,000 homes and over $5.6 billion dollars of development value. In early 2022, CentreCourt raised CentreCourt Platform II – a $400 million long-term equity fund – that ensures it has the capital to continue its strong growth trajectory, while reacting flexibly and opportunistically in any market environment.

Experts at Every Level

Meet our leaders Meet Our Team
Photo of Anthony Pusateri

Anthony Pusateri

Senior Site Superintendent

Norris Lee*

Senior Sales and Operations Manager

Norris Lee*

Senior Sales and Operations Manager

*Norris Lee is a registered Sales Agent of a third-party brokerage unaffiliated with CentreCourt. Broker of record services are provided to CentreCourt by an unaffiliated third-party brokerage.

Photo of Kaila Querijero

Kaila Querijero

Vice President, Sales Administration and Operations

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Proud of the work we do

CentreCourt is a fully integrated real estate development organization that operates across all areas of development including land acquisition, zoning, design, marketing, sales, construction, and customer care. We are currently focused on large scale, high-rise residential communities located near major amenities, rapid transit networks and employment nodes across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

Building Dreams: CenterCourt's Construction Crew in Action
411 Church: Worm's-Eye View

Proud of the results we achieve

As one of the GTA’s leading high-rise residential developers, we continually hold ourselves to the highest standards of excellence constantly exceeding the expectations of our homeowners.

Our developments are collaborative endeavours undertaken with best-in-class planners, architects, interior designers and construction trades. We take great pride in the positive impact our developments have on homeowners and the communities they are part of.

The 10 CentreCourt Values

Improve Constantly

Improve Constantly

Do not be fearful of making a mistake but do be fearful of making a mistake twice.

  • Embrace continuous improvement and self-improvement for oneself and the organization.
  • Learn from mistakes and avoid repeating them, while being open to taking risks.
  • Identify sub-optimal outcomes, determine root causes, and commit to resolving them for organizational improvement.
Build Relationships

Build Relationships

Building a relationship takes a lifetime.
Destroying a relationship takes a moment.

Our relationships are strengthened by…

  • Trust, honesty, transparency, and integrity;
  • Our responsibility to homeowners, city staff, consultants, trades, and the community;
  • Aligning ourselves with partners who care as much as we do.
Be Transparent

Be Transparent

Foster a culture of open and transparent communication.

  • Communicate all relevant information and never withhold information because it is uncomfortable to share.
  • Provide honest and direct feedback, openly discussing ideas and decisions to ensure fairness and efficiency.
  • Practice active listening and encourage the expression of thoughtful opinions for better outcomes.
Limit Ego

Limit Ego

Success is “we” and failure is “I”.

  • Avoid overconfidence and arrogance, as they often lead to poor decision-making.
  • Acknowledge limitations and seek input from experts in relevant areas before finalizing strategies and decisions.
  • Foster a humble and open-minded approach, valuing collective success over individual credit.
Invest in Talent

Invest in Talent

Skills, judgement, attitude and work ethic are the most important attributes in any individual.

  • Focus on attracting, motivating, and retaining exceptional talent as the key driver of desired outcomes.
  • Invest significant time in sourcing and exploring talent, emphasizing competency in analytics and logic-based decision-making.
  • We strive to bring people into the organization that are passionate about what they do and genuinely wake up excited every morning to go to work.
Have Honesty & Integrity

Have Honesty & Integrity

Conduct business with the highest degree of honesty, integrity and professionalism.

  • There is zero tolerance for actions that contravene our policies designed to protect our corporate integrity.
  • Invest time into evaluating the character and moral fabric of everyone that we work with.
  • Follow through on your commitments and do what you say you will do.
Take Ownership

Take Ownership

Strive for excellence in undertaking all activities.

  • Our people should think and act like owners and take full responsibility for the outcomes of their actions.
  • Don’t blame suboptimal outcomes on other individuals or parties or outside factors – take ownership, examine the issue and make sure the organization learns from experience.
  • Hold yourself accountable to the high standards you hold of others.
Award For Merit

Award For Merit

Employ the best talent available based on skills, attitude and qualifications.

  • The best idea or answer should be supported by logic and analytical back-up.
  • Upward mobility of our employees is based on their contributions and not on their tenure.
  • Our employees are encouraged to openly share and debate viewpoints with the simple objective of arriving at the best answer.
Focus On The Details

Focus On The Details

Success is the sum of the details.

  • Pay meticulous attention to details, as even small oversights can have significant negative consequences.
  • Prioritize focus, forward planning, and thorough consideration of downside risks and potential problems for achieving major positive outcomes.
  • Challenge assumptions, encourage open communication about potential challenges and risks, and ensure accuracy in conclusions by constantly seeking clarification and verifying information.
Be Proactive

Be Proactive

Constantly set the bar higher and strive for improved outcomes.

  • Invest ample time in front-end planning, including goal setting and key success metrics, to enhance outcomes.
  • Foster open communication of goals and metrics with relevant stakeholders for alignment.
  • Continuously track outcomes against goals, sharing the information regardless of positivity, while integrating learnings from reactive problem-solving into future actions.
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199 Church

  • Best Experiential Marketing Campaign
  • Best Overall Marketing Campaign


Transit City 5

  • Best Suite Design


Transit City

  • People's Choice Award
  • Best Salesperson or Team


411 Church Condos

  • Best Public Relations Campaign
  • Best Overall Marketing Campaign


Core Condos

  • Best Project Logo


INDX Condos

  • People's Choice Award
  • Best Magazine Ad
  • Best Project Logo

Karma Condos

  • Best Email Marketing


Karma Condos

  • Best Project Rendering
National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) logo


Pickering City Centre

  • Best Video - Long Format - Over 1 Minute


8 Wellesley

  • Multi-Family Community of the Year (4 Stories & Above)


Peter Street Condos

  • Gold Medal For Presentation Centre
  • Gold Medal For Graphic Continuity
Home Builder's Association (HBA) logo


Transit City

  • High or Mid-Rise Condo Suite (up to 800 sqft)


Karma Condos

  • High or Mid-Rise Condo Suite Kitchen
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Working at CentreCourt

CentreCourt is a flat, high-energy, entrepreneurial, and meritocratic company that affords tremendous growth opportunities to talented individuals. Our culture is grounded in a set of principles that guide the organization – constant improvement, low ego, honesty & integrity, to name a few – and we pride ourselves on having an ownership mindset focused on achieving excellent project outcomes.

At CentreCourt, we are intellectually curious, we want to make material tangible impacts, we thrive in collaborative team environments, and we crave new challenges. Whether working in Development, Finance, Sales & Marketing, Construction, Customer Care, or any of our other in-house business functions, we take pride in continuously pushing to be at the absolute forefront of our industry, and we don’t shy away from new responsibilities.

We Foster Leaders

We look for hard working individuals with exceptional decision making skills. If you are a candidate with a long-term outlook of becoming the best in your field, who is dedicated, and who is seeking a highly engaging and rewarding career path without parallel, please visit our open job postings.

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